Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed
Hørsholm Continental Bed

Hørsholm Continental Bed

Hørsholm is a practical, elegant-looking continental bed designed for maximum comfort..

You can choose the bed fabric, headboard and leg type - this way you will have furniture tailored to your individual needs. In addition, the SOLO bed can be in several bed sizes

You can choose a medium hardness or a hard surface for the main mattress.
The height of the bed without legs is 56 cm.
Take care of the quality of your sleep by purchasing the bed SOLO with excellent ergonomics.

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8.959 DKK

  • 105x200 cm
  • 120x200 cm
  • 140x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 180x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
  • 210x210 cm

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The Hørsholm of different styles is the uniqueness of this headboard. The diamond-embroidered texture of the headboard is reminiscent of Queen Victorian times, and the rectangular head shape without additional curves is an attribute of strict modern style.
The headboard is available in all standard widths and the suggested height is 120 cm, thickness - 10 cm. The headboard can be attached to the bed or wall with special brackets. The headboard SOLO HDB can also be equipped with screw-on legs.
The headboard SOLO HDB is a comfortable and extremely beautiful element of the bed and the whole bedroom decor.

Copenhagen Top mattress

The DELUX Memory top mattress is 8 cm thick. It consists of two main layers: wadding and 4 cm viscoelastic foam "Memory".  The viscoelastic foam "Memory" is distinguished by the ability to respond to the heat of the human body and adapt to shapes. The soft, durable top mattress DELUX Memory will definitely improve your rest at night.

13 cm legs

The shape of these practical bed legs is reminiscent of cups: they are round, tapering, and widen at the base, giving the bed base a stable support. Aluminium glossy colour and stylish design are the most important aesthetic features of GAMMA legs for beds. These furniture legs can be attached to almost all bed models of your choice. The height of these stylish metal legs is 12 cm.
The metal legs GAMMA are beautiful, solid and perfectly perform their main supporting function.

Copenhagen Beddingbox

The bedding box Copenhagen is luxury, practical piece of home furniture that adds extra charm to the interior of your bedroom.

This bedding box Copenhagen comes in soft lines and shapes, with a a luxurious-looking top decorated with uniformly sized rhombus and reinforced with special buttons. The mechanism for opening the bedding box is extremely simple: the top is easy to lift and is supported by hinges, so you can reach your items as soon as you need them.

The bedding box Copenhagen is available in three standard sizes (without legs):

122x45x45 cm

142x45x45 cm

162x45x45 cm

We also offer you the opportunity to choose from different fabrics, legs and thus find the most suitable solution. We recommend matching the fabric of the bedding box to the headboard of the bed.

The bedding box Copenhagen is designed to keep your home tidy and delight you with a stylish look.

SOLO 255

Composition: 100% polyester

Martindale test: ≥80 000 cycles

Note! Depending on your monitor settings, the fabric colour on this page may differ from the actual fabric colour.

Do you want a different color for your bed??

We put the bed into production according to your order, this is your unique opportunity to get a bed as what your needs and wishes exactly. The bed can be delivered in other materials and colours, both in fabric and velor The price varies for the different fabric and leather groups

100-day free exchange right on mattresses

100-day free exchange right on mattresses

All our customers have a 100-day exchange right on mattresses in the dimensions 90×200 and 140×200. We WANT to be sure that you receive your new dream bed, which is why we provide the extra service where you can try the mattress for 100 days. The mattress must be delivered/sent/collected to our warehouse, or by agreement with us. The reason for the change must be clear and distinct. The right of exchange can, for example, be used in the event that a mattress may be too hard/soft, or if the customer wants a completely different type of mattress. If the customer chooses a completely different type of mattress, a fee of NOK 1,000 may apply. The fee may also arise if the mattress is damaged, stained, destroyed, or deteriorated in other ways. NB. Can ONLY be exchanged once per order. Åbn i Google Oversæt • Feedback BUY AND TRY